eco-sustainable villa
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Private ecofriendly villa on the slopes of the Mount Argentario

Work in Progress

The eco-sustainable villa in Porto Ercole, on the slopes of the Argentario, has its prow facing the sea, oriented towards Cala Galera. It stands proud of its breathtaking view with the sea in front, perched in the green like a small bastion. It is consistent with the environment in which it stands among the trees, thanks to the wood with which it is built.

When a client with an extraordinary vision meets a design studio and builders animated by the same taste and competence, able to translate his wishes into drawings, then a great architecture can be born.

Its owner strongly wanted this eco-sustainable villa, with a bio-architecture approach that has characterized the entire construction. Who asked him “why did you build it in wood?” the answer was “because that’s perfect for this place”. With such strong motivations, both the client and the designers, aware that sustainable construction becomes sustainable only after the fact, have believed in the competence and history of HBS. The result, under the eyes of all, is a great architecture.

It is common opinion among those who have had the privilege of visiting this new building to find themselves in front of a small masterpiece, with its white volumes marked by the light of the Mediterranean.


Architectural project: MCM Architettura – Federico Cellini – Maria Eugenia Muratori – Brigida Paolillo – Rome

Structural design and construction in XLam: HBS Calitri