Living wood with a contemporary style.

Realizations: wooden houses

From villas to luxury residences, from resorts to hotels, from residential complexes to Wooden houses, villas and residential complexes, resorts and hotels, office buildings: HBS solutions make it possible to give original, versatile and above all welcoming forms to the most diverse scenarios of daily life, in the name of sustainability.


HBS creates buildings that integrate wood, steel and glass for residential, commercial and public use employing two different construction solutions: CLT or frame. 

These two solutions can meet every design and functional need with the maximum flexibility and speed of manufacture. Using tried and proven manufacturing solutions and careful planning of all the stages of a project, HBS can provide accurate costing and manufacturing timescales.

Each individual element is first designed and modelled using in-house 3D CAD-CAM programs. The manufacturing data is then exported to the CNC cutting centres for production. Individual walls are designed to be easily transported and erected. The elements made with this system combine the best qualities in terms of minimal weight, load-bearing capacity and anti-seismic safety. They are also customizable both in terms of energy efficiency and interior and exterior finishes. The elements are then erected using dry assembly techniques, further speeding up the building time on site. All materials are eco-friendly, free of harmful emissions, certified for performance and origin. 

CLT system

costruzioni in legno

  1. External thermal acoustic insulation
  2. CLT panel
  3. Insulated counter wall
  4. Double plasterboard layer
  5. Interior finishing
  6. Floor
  7. Insulation and underfloor heating system
  8. Lightweight cementitious screed for housing pipes and cables

Platform Frame system

wooden constructions - design

  1. Plasterboard sheet
  2. Oriented Strand Board – Timber panel
  3. Anti condensation layer
  4. Thermal acoustic insulation in mineral wool
  5. Fir timber frame
  6. Oriented Strand Board – Timber panel
  7. High density fiberglass coating layer
  8. External finishing plaster

All the structures are lightweight, can be transported easily, and can be customized based on the energy efficiency ratings as well as the interior and exterior finishes required.