An experienced, reliable and versatile partner.


With its experience and specialization, HBS is a reliable point of reference for every need in the timber building sector of wooden structure. Each project starts with technical advice and feasibility studies, followed by the search and selection of suppliers. This is followed by the design and installation of the structures as well as the assembly of the buildings. The final phase, testing, is essential to ensure the quality and durability of the construction.

Conformity Certifications and Attestations

Strategic consulting and services.


HBS supports its customers starting from the early stages of the project, verifying its feasibility and checking the budget step by step to obtain certain costs. The analysis and considerations of the HBS Technical Department are therefore followed by economic reports that help architects to make the most appropriate choices. Thanks to its competence and experience, HBS offers complete consultancy, customized for the customer with respect to multiple solutions, ranging from construction technologies to aesthetic finishes.
The HBS Technical Department directly deals with the construction design for the construction of any wooden structure and building: from structural calculations to production, and following the customer for the management of the works and for the final tests.


In its production plant, HBS adopts high-tech systems and machining centers. Here glulam beams and wood panels made using the CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) system are produced. The beams and panels come in all shapes and sizes, from simple to complex. A strict and accurate quality protocol is followed at every stage of the manufacturing process. This proven production organisation enables us to realise the most diverse architectural projects. Technical and stylistic requirements are considered, always respecting the most advanced criteria of anti-seismic safety, energy saving, living comfort and sustainability.

From the single beam to the turnkey building.


Wood is a material that is becoming increasingly popular in the construction sector, thanks to its many qualities and special performance characteristics. The most important are: versatility, lightness, earthquake resistance, environmental sustainability, aesthetic beauty and energy efficiency. HBS provides its know-how and technologies, which means it can meet the needs of any customer, any project and any wooden structure. This ranges from the supply of individual elements on request to the construction of complex structures and complete timber buildings. Added values are consultancy and, of course, the quality of the constructions.

Experience and competence, directly on site.

Installation of wooden structure

HBS also installs any wooden structure produced in its factory, throughout Italy and abroad, making use of specialized technicians for the best teamwork, planning and monitoring the entire assembly process. This makes it possible to respect construction times and safety standards, to optimize construction costs to ensure the level of quality in tune with the expectations of the customer who chooses HBS, relying on a single expert, reliable and versatile interlocutor.


HBS has been present on the international scene for many years and is equipped with an organized and dynamic logistics department, capable of delivering any item produced in its factory, even large ones, to any destination in Italy, in all the Mediterranean countries, in continental Europe in the United Kingdom and in the Arab countries. Like all other company activities, logistics are also carried out in a personalized way according to customer needs, to optimize the times and costs of this strategic service for the best construction success.